Protective Coating

​(Ceramic and Waxing)

Ceramic Coating Bend Oregon

Vehicles are always prone and open to many factors that contribute to their diminution over a period of time. From complicated terrains to erratic weather conditions, vehicles gradually lose the shine and quality they had when they were bought. Some owners also just leave their cars with no canopy to protect them from the scorching heat of the sun and strong rains.

Protective coating keeps your car from corrosion and dullness over time, keeping it shiny and splendid always. We offer both ceramic coating Bend Oregon and waxing services. Ceramic coating or wax is applied on top of the car’s factory paint, integrated chemically so that it becomes a secure protection to your car. It is an alternative to wax coating and does not require repeated applications every now and then. On the other hand, waxing is the more familiar form of protective coating for vehicles. It is ideal for preventing scratches. A waxed car is easy to clean because it just slides off.

Regardless of the protective coating that you prefer, we promise premium service. The protective coating your car gets will erase the worries you have and will make your car look way better than before.

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