Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing Bend Oregon

Our amazing line of services includes works done on other modes of transportation, including boats of many shapes and sizes. We know for sure that boat owners and enthusiasts want to keep their water vessels clean and looking classy, despite their exposure to many hazards both from land and water. Admit it; boats like any hobby are costly investments that let you explore places and give you panoramic views wherever you go with them. As such, it is only proper that boat owners capitalize on the maintenance of this amazing means of transport so that it will be up and running and in good shape for a long period of time.

Contaminants from the water along with dirt particles can leave your boat looking grimy and dirty. When this happens, it his high time that you take it to a boat detailing expert near you, and that’s us.

Our boat detailing service include proper vinyl protection, quality fabric protection, surface cleaning, oxidation removal, waxing of surfaces, and polishing of interior portions. Our quality line of work will have your boats immaculately looking clean and brand new afterward. A thorough inspection is always done before and after the detailing, which guarantees premium quality work.

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